Light Notes

Daily puzzle helps gets point across

My word! There’s disorder in our morning routine every single day! And I want to get my point across and down in print.

My husband Bill and I used to share -- let’s see, what’s another word for share? -- the sections of the morning newspaper. That is, until Bill discovered the crossword puzzle.

“Billy, where’s Dear Abby and the comics?" I asked the other day as I sipped my coffee and bit into a cinnamon roll.

“Hold on. I’m not done with that section, he replied. “And what’s a five-letter word for ‘stout’? I need a clue,” as he glanced at me over the top of the newspaper.

“Oh yeah, ‘plump.’ Now I’ve got it,” his pencil furiously filling in the squares. “I’ll give you the paper as soon as I finish the crossword puzzle.”

And so goes the day.

Section C of the Tri-City Herald disappears into parts unknown. Then, every so often I hear a distant voice from the basement, “I got it! Twelve across -- ‘detached’ -- is alone!”

Yes, I could have gotten that one.

And the way I see it, the crossword puzzle has become the focal point of the day. If he’s not careful, I’m going to send out “Desperado chasers” (33 Down—five letter word) to round up the part of the paper that I haven’t read yet.

Fortunately for both of us, Bill can stand to be “Poked fun at” (21 Across -- six letter word).

That’s why I rarely hear a cross word.

Answers: 33 Down -- Posse 21 Across -- Teased