Light Notes

My new, but older, Oreo wears her tux beautifully

I don’t like to admit I’m a senior -- unless it means saving money with the senior discount.

So when the nice gal at the animal shelter eyed my driver’s license and then quickly announced, “Oh! You’re a senior!” I inwardly groaned.

I hoped she wouldn’t broadcast my weight, too, although if I remembered correctly, I might actually be happy with that revelation. After all, the data was from quite a few years back.

Why this young woman was so excited about my age was a mystery to me, but the mere mention had me warming to the topic. As I wiped my brow -- doggone those hot flashes! -- I tried to keep my cool.

“Congratulations!” the perky cashier said, “Not only are you a senior, but your new kitty is, too. You qualify for our senior adoption discount!”

It was a blessing in disguise. Who would have thought this beautiful feline was a senior? (I hoped that the office worker had been equally as surprised when she saw my birth date.)

For me, the number of cat years didn’t much matter. I just knew that I could provide a loving home for a full-grown kitty; one that would likely come in second place to a cute kitten. Like babies, people always want to cuddle them and take them home.

But I’d searched high and low for this true “tuxedo” cat -- one that’s black and white with special markings. When I found her on, I couldn’t wait to adopt.

And now that the new “Oreo” is home with me, I’ve discovered she’s everything I’d hoped she would be -- playful, loving and a perfect pet.

This sweet kitty may have been a bargain, but in my mind she’s priceless.