Light Notes

Love boat travel mercies rewarded with big hug

It was the first day of our cruise to Alaska, but the journey began before the ship ever left port.

Tired — and a bit hungry—all my husband, Bill, and I wanted to do was find our stateroom. Instead, we found a state of confusion.

Everywhere I looked, glassy-eyed passengers were wandering to and fro asking deep questions like “Is this port or starboard?” while clutching diagrams of our cruise ship.

I was gripping one, too.

“You’re holding the illustration upside down,” Bill groaned. “The way you’re viewing it, we’re on the Titanic.”

"Wait a minute! Now I’ve got it right! Our room is this way,” I shouted over the din of tight-jawed couples discussing directions.

By the time we reached the ship railing at the rear of the boat, Bill and I were ready to jump overboard. As an alternative, we dived into the bazillion-course buffet.

“No wonder we ended up at the bow rather than the stern,” I gurgled through mouthfuls. “The way I was looking at the ship layout, our boat was headed due north backwards.”

Bill reached for the printout.

“How about if I read the map and you watch for whales,” he sighed as he eyed my quickly disappearing rum torte, chocolate mousse and Love Boat Dream Cake.

By the look on his face, he may have just had his first sighting.

Before I could plunge into another dessert, we left the Lido Deck, nicknamed the “Eat-Oh!” Deck, to walk forward — or was it aft — in our quest to locate our room.

Once we were safely inside, Bill gave me a big hug.

“You may not be a 'map person,' but I’m sure glad you found me 43 years ago.”

Well, even if I’d been confused earlier, one thing was clear -- my prayer for journey mercies had actually been answered many years before. Traveling through life with Bill has been a “piece of cake.”

This was going to be a delectable anniversary cruise.