Light Notes

A new calf and other unexpected blessings

It was an unexpected blessing, and it was standing in our knee-high pasture.

“Hey! Come look at this!” Bill shouted from the kitchen. “We’ve got a new calf.”

I could hardly believe my eyes. Our cow had been expecting? We hadn’t shuttled the heifer over to the neighbor’s place last fall, but their bull had evidently paid a surprise visit. Astute cattlemen we are not.

Since this didn’t call for a shotgun wedding, I had plenty of time to make another entry into my Daily Guideposts 2008 journal. The editors have asked readers to record unexpected blessings — and this was definitely one of them.

Thinking back, there have been quite a few entries that have come from “out of the blue,” like the opportunity to write this blog, a new TV show to play host to and produce, and connecting with a long-lost friend.

I kind of wish the Publishers Clearing House win was part of that unexpected blessing list, but like a lot of people who have stacks of unread magazines, I seem to always be hoping.

Which brings up a point: We’re often yearning for more, when, in fact, we may have forgotten to be grateful for everything we have.

I call them “expected blessings.” Abundance we may be taking for granted.

For instance, Bill and I expect to have our newspaper at our rural mailbox every morning. And when we’re up early — long before the delivery time — we’re like kids waiting for Santa on Christmas morning.

Then there’s the power that runs our all-electric home. And the groceries that plentifully line store shelves, along with the gasoline and car to get us there. We expect it all.

And that doesn’t even begin to encompass each and every “expected blessing” — paved roads, pure water, trained doctors, freedom to pray and worship — all things we would sorely miss if they weren’t there.

Friends, family and grandkid hugs. Blessed. That’s us.

So, instead of looking for more — craving more — I’m going do like the old hymn says, “Count your blessings, name them one by one. . . . and see what God has done.”

I have a feeling this could take more time than I expected.