Light Notes

Keeping track of old Roscoe - not making tracks on him

Forgive me. But for the life of me, I can't understand how I could make this mistake - AGAIN!

For the life of Roscoe, he can't figure it out either.

I'm talking about running over - or nearly running over - our elderly black Labrador Retriever. Not once, but twice!

He is either attempting assisted suicide by lying in the middle of our dark garage, or he is old and not quite all there, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I can relate.

You would think I'd know better than to drive my car into the garage when the afternoon sun is hitting my windshield, but once again my mind was elsewhere-and I'm still looking for it. You would also think that Roscoe would know better than to tempt fate.

Since the first incident, I've seen him sprawled safely on the front lawn gazing with clouded eyes down the canyon-the picture of an old dog pondering his final days.

"I wonder what he's thinking," I'd reflect in passing as I went about my chores. I suspect he was contemplating how grateful he is that I don't know how to drive the riding lawnmower.

But just the other day as I zipped into my usual parking place, the radio blaring, Roscoe wasn't on the front lawn.

I felt a thump. I braked. My heart raced.

When I peeked out the car window, there was Roscoe prone on the cement, the front tire up against his neck.

I backed up.

Then to my relief, Roscoe gave me his old doggy smile, teetered over to his food dish and then waited for my usual pat on his head. This time it was more like a body hug.

To Roscoe, it was as if the mistake-his and mine-had never happened.

I wish I could be more like that in life-to be able to forgive myself and then forget. But when I slip-up it's hard to let it go. Too often my memory is long, but short on allowing for error in judgment.

I imagine that we all berate ourselves when we goof, whether it's a social faux pas, failing at a new resolution, or missing the mark on virtuous behavior.

When it's the latter-that thing called sin-God makes it plain in the scriptures that when there's a misstep He forgives and forgets.

Even when I make a mistake more than once.