Light Notes

Do pets go to heaven?

Do pets go to heaven?

That’s a question I’ve been thinking about the past few days. Especially, since Oreo, our tuxedo cat disappeared over the Fourth of July weekend while we were out of town.

I must not be the only one asking that question.

In this month’s Guideposts Magazine, Assistant Managing Editor Ptolemy Tompkins announced that he’s stepping away from this position to spend more time writing his book, The Divine Life of Pets.

He’s been inspired because of the huge volume of mail he received after he wrote his 2005 article, Do Pets Go to Heaven?

His writing on the subject is comforting and I have to admit that it has helped me.

Even so, it’s never easy to lose a pet, and pet lovers often cling to the hope that their pets will join them in the afterlife. For people who are allergic to cat hair or dog dander, having pets around for eternity may not sound like heaven.

But in spite of cat hair and fox tails that linger in our house, I’m still holding out hope that Oreo will slip through the cat door and head for her food bowl. So far, I haven’t had the heart to put it all away.

Yet, the days are passing, my hope is fading. And even though I’ve searched the pasture and sagebrush, there hasn’t been an Oreo sighting.

I did spot something black and white, but it wasn’t my sweet kitty — quite the opposite. When I told daughter Tiffany about the skunk, she said I should make up a happy story of how Oreo ran off with Pepe LePew, a cartoon she recalled from her childhood.

I’d like to put on a smiley face, but I think Oreo left with Wile E. Coyote.

It’s hard to face this fact, and I’m feeling downright sad, but to lift my spirits I’m going to concentrate on my favorite memory of Oreo: She loved to play hide and seek.

I’d run down the hall to hide, and then peek around the corner. There she’d be peering from her hiding place, her huge golden eyes staring back at me. I’d tuck back in waiting . . . waiting.

When it stretched too tight, one of us would sneak down the hall in a “surprise” attack. I always screamed. Oreo had more sense.

I’m not sure if pets go to heaven. But I hope when I get there, she’ll be peeking around the corner.