Light Notes

Dancing around reality

A lot of people are into reality shows. And I have one of my own. It’s called “So You THOUGHT You Could Dance!”

Honestly, I’ve tried to put my best foot forward, but it’s really hard to coordinate four left feet.

We — my husband, Bill, and I — have been taking dance lessons once a week for almost a year. Not only did we think we’d be able to dance, but we also thought we would lose weight in the process. So far we’ve gained 9 trillion fat cells between us.

Reality check! Only 10 of those cells are Bill’s.

Still, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that if you will practice dancing 15 minutes a day, you can lose 10 pounds in a year. Let me tell you, I’m not going to be trying on any swimsuits in 2008.

I can’t quite put my finger on it — and I don’t mean my cellulite. But I think the reason I’m not doing so well with dancing — or the weight department — is because Bill and I aren’t practicing like we’ve been told to do.

For some reason, I thought that just by showing up for an hour on dance class night, Bill and I should be able to glide across that dance floor like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. That’s the couple who are fondly remembered by old people — other old people, of course. I claim to only remember Benji and Lacey who think they can dance — and they can.

I thought we could, but we can’t — at least not yet.

I remember feeling this same way when I was a child trying to earn my way to church camp by memorizing Bible verses. Sunday morning would come and it would be time to recite what I’d learned.

But what slipped out of my mouth were excuses for not knowing the list of scriptures. The reality was that I hadn’t practiced. As a result, I stumbled.

Nevertheless, summer came and I did go to camp. It happened because I made up my mind to follow the Sunday school teacher’s instructions: Memorize, practice and train!

The reality is that until we step up and put into practice what we’ve learned, no matter what that may be, success will dance right out the door.

So, Bill and I are walking through our dance steps every day as our dance instructor has told us to do. And one of these days I’ll bet you’ll hear me say, “I think I can dance!”

Some days when we’re practicing — ouch! — I’m not so sure about the “we.”

Bill jokingly says that’s reality.