Light Notes

Driving hands-free, dialing up Heavenly Father

Listen up!

In just a few days, life as we know it is going to end. The media has been warning us for months. And for millions of Americans like me, it’s the end of our favorite pastime — and it’s not baseball.

Starting in July in Washington state, it will be hands-free driving — or else. The “else” is a high-priced ticket for multi-tasking on our cell phone when we should only be steering our cars.

This probably comes as a welcome relief to young mothers everywhere. Now they have both hands free to diaper the baby in the backseat, serve up a five-course meal to screaming toddlers and juggle a steaming latte.

One policeman complained in a recent newspaper article that he’d personally witnessed a driver eating a bowl of cereal and another brushing their teeth. It’s my guess that the drivers must have already fed the kids.

I have to admit that this new law is going to put a kink in things, but at least it won’t be my neck anymore. With a new gadget strapped to my ear and both hands commanding the wheel, my “Fav 5” and I are still connected.

But hold on a minute! There’s still some static about safety. Evidently, when a person is chit-chatting, they’re not watching the road as closely.

Assuming I’ve banned talkative passengers or grandkids from the car, there’s still an issue if my lips are moving, whether it’s hand-held or hands-free talk.

So, maybe it’s time to go back to the good old days, before the age of wireless, when I used my car time as my quiet time. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with God in heartfelt prayer as the miles sped by.

But with science saying that even a conversation can be distracting, when I ring up my Heavenly Father, I’ll let Him know that I’m just going to listen.