Light Notes

My director allows for second chances

The theme of our In Steppe show that we taped the other night is “new beginnings.”

And once I watched my on-camera performance we’d just recorded, I knew I needed a new one.

“Can we record those transitions to the interviews again?” I pleaded with the director. “I can do better.”

Since he couldn’t give me a facelift or cut my bangs, it was a small request by comparison. Besides, the guests weren’t due to arrive in the studio for another 30 minutes or so.

“I’m going to start calling you Princess Lucy, the way we’re treating you,” Warren joked.

He’s my boss, so I was glad he was laughing.

The tape rolled and we did them again. And then we did them again. Then once more just to be sure.

By the time we finished, the guests had eaten their fill of cookies in the “green room” and I suspect the crew had had their fill of me. But they couldn’t resist a little teasing by addressing me as the “Queen of Everything” — all with a smile.

I, in turn, promised to crown their efforts with extra huge cookies and milk. Only my boss could promise a raise.

I’m very thankful we have a crew of longtime friends. They tend to be forgiving of my shortcomings — except for my failure to get my bangs cut — and they’re willing to give me a second chance.

They’re not the only ones.

I’ve discovered that God gives me a fresh start whenever I come to Him. All it takes is to say I’m sorry for the wrong things I’ve done. Then tenderly, He offers forgiveness — again and again — and wipes the slate clean.

It’s sort of like rewinding the videotape and then pressing the record button. It’s a whole new beginning every time.