Light Notes

Calamity continues at our house

There’s a black cloud at our house.

And it’s raining on my parade.

The dark rain cloud has been here before with its far-reaching shadow. We even joke with the neighbors that it drifts from their house to ours and then back again. For a while it was at the international space station, but NASA finally got the toilet problem fixed.

So even though we’ve had a little relief — and the astronauts have had theirs — I’m worried that the black cloud is hovering just above our roofline.

First, it was the year-old dryer that stopped dead in its tracks while I was packing my suitcase for Orlando. With sopping wet clothes, there was only one place to turn — the neighbor’s house without the black cloud.

Since then, there’s been the “spider” on my nose, our dog playing dodge-ball with the car, and finally — but not really — a nice soaking bath upstairs that turned into a flood of almost biblical proportions downstairs.

But with sparkling clean floors, I believed the rain had ceased. That is, until the refrigerator realized its warranty had expired, and then warmed-up to the idea just as the latest company arrived.

“This milk tastes funny,” my husband, Bill, commented. And by the sour looks on everyone else’s face I knew we were in trouble — again.

At first glance, a broken-down refrigerator may seem like an easy problem to solve — unless your home was built in 1980. Back then, we could slide a side-by-side fridge into the allotted space as easy as pie. Even 12 years later, Costco pies had grown bigger by that time — we managed to squeeze in another of Sears’ best.

But here it is 2008 and there’s only one solution: We need to buy a bigger house.

Instead, we’ve spent hours shopping from store to store, measuring and re-measuring, and then finally in exasperation, special ordering from the ONLY place we could find a fridge to fit our existing cabinet space.

The appliance dealer said it would take a couple of weeks before our refrigerator could be delivered. During this time of waiting in a state of inconvenience, I’ve had one prayer:Dear God, please reign on my parade.