Light Notes

College kids wearing PJs in public? Jesus doesn't care

When I was a kid, my worst nightmare was dreaming about going to school in my pajamas.

But then one day I woke-up as an adult and discovered there’s no need to worry anymore. The dress code has changed.

On college campuses, at airports and even in the grocery store, I see young people and adults strolling in their brightly-colored PJ's and fluffy slippers. They don’t seem at all scared that someone will see them.

Obviously, they never shared the same bad dream.

Nevertheless, I have a feeling that in the office there are still some worries about what is business appropriate. With as many as 1.5 million new college graduates searching for their cubicle in the workplace, there may be a lot of nightwear and flip flops left by the side of the bed.

But not at my office.

I come to the workplace every morning in my robe, slipper socks and hair askew with a steaming cup of coffee in hand. Yes, I’ll admit there are some wide-eyed stares, but I’ve learned to ignore the family cat.

Working from home in PJ’s has been a real eye-opener for me — once the caffeine kicks in — as to why there’s such a debate over “business casual.”

Basically, no one wants to see someone who looks like me sitting next to them.

Honestly, talk about your worst nightmare!

I can think of only one person who wants to meet face-to-face with me in my state of dress every morning. His name is Jesus.

He doesn’t care what I look like — only how I feel when I’m in prayer with Him.

Comfortable. And no dress code required