Light Notes

Husband who vacuums, God give me strength



Guess I’m in a hurry.

Let’s try that again.

I have so much to do that I’m afraid I can’t get it all done!

With the second taping for our TV show In Steppe coming up soon, life is a deadline.

There are studio guests to pre-interview, scripts to write, graphics to approve, video to shoot, emails galore, and on and on.

Other things are piling up too — such as the laundry and dust bunnies. I never notice the latter too much, but company is coming and suddenly everything comes into focus.

Why, oh why, did I waste two whole hours watching American Idol when I could have been washing dirty socks or vacuuming cat hair! Didn’t we all know that David was going to win anyway?

At least in the amount of time I spent as a couch potato, I could have gotten the spiders and their webs out the door.

Now, it’s approaching zero hour and my eye is beginning to twitch. Believe me; it’s not from all the dirt I’ve stirred up with the feather duster.

But just in the nick of time, I found a small faded card buried in my desk drawer — on the way to searching for a stray Excedrin — that has reminded me once again of a special promise. It’s one I’ve counted on for years and know to be true:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!”

Because I have so much on my calendar, that’s just what I need to remember right now. So in the days ahead, I’m going to focus on this little 2x3 card that now sits prominently by my computer. How encouraging it will be to see this assurance that with God, I can do everything.

It does help to have a husband who can vacuum, though.