Light Notes

Humane Society helps reward Molly's faith

Trixie the dog played one trick too many. And it got her into a world of trouble.

The story goes that Trixie was out cavorting one night and stayed out past curfew, long after her “parents,” Linda and Richard, had the sense to come in for bedtime. They mistakenly thought Trixie followed their lead.

But Trixie was having such a great time snuffling around their expansive acreage in the darkness. She must have thought she was tricky enough to find the house.

Unlike Motel 6, no one left the light on.

The next morning when Trixie couldn’t be found, there was chaos; weeping grandchildren and frantic parents of weeping children, not to mention Linda. Richard doesn’t cry much.

Never ones to sit and pine, they spread out like CSI investigators on their property. When nary a hair or footprint produced a clue — or a body — they headed for the local animal shelters. Still, there was no Trixie.

Week after week after week she was absent from the farm.

But little granddaughter Molly never gave up hope. Each night she remembered Trixie in her nighttime prayers, believing with a child’s faith that God would keep Trixie safe and bring her home.

Adults have a little more trouble with that kind of faith. After such a long absence, they figured Trixie had met up with a hungry coyote at dinnertime. One member of the clan even found a few bones and planned for a little memorial.

Still, Molly never wavered.

Finally, when Molly’s mom, Tina, decided optimism had been exhausted, she visited A replacement for 8-year old Trixie was in order.

As little Molly peered at the computer from over her mom’s shoulder, her young squeal pierced the air, “It’s Trixie!”

Couldn’t be. Shouldn’t be. She’d been AWOL for more than six weeks.

Nonetheless, it was Trixie. And the Benton Franklin Humane Society was looking for an adoption home. But Trixie still had a big place in little Molly’s heart.

In no time at all, Grandma Linda was on the shelter’s doorstep. Alas, it was closed for the night. Not realizing it was a “no kill” shelter, she frantically posted a sign on the door, apprising everyone that Trixie belonged to them.

Then, when Linda turned to leave, she saw something that was no trick of her imagination. There, stretching across the dusky sky, was the most beautiful rainbow she’d ever seen; a breath-taking and memorable sight.

My guess was all of Creation was celebrating Trixie’s homecoming — and the faith of one little girl.