Light Notes

Gaining gray hairs, losing track of names

Yikes! I’ve just found another gray hair. That makes three since taping our new television show. And I’m weeks from my hair salon appointment.

They’re a reminder that I was confused — again.

I’m quite sure the strays arrived within minutes of my realizing I’d called a very important person by the wrong name. My intentions were good because I wanted to recognize everyone in attendance for our premier In Steppe taping.

The faux pas began when I announced the incorrect name — “Joe” — from the studio set. He flinched, I’m sure, but his reaction was hidden in the darkness where the audience sat. He might have spoken up, but the floor director had already shouted “Quiet in the studio!”

Shortly after we taped, I made a beeline to “Joe” to tell him how much I appreciated his coming from such a distance. I thanked “Joe” profusely, letting “Joe” know that it meant the world to me.

“Joe” disappeared shortly thereafter.

It wasn’t until I was getting into my car to go home that my boss broke the news.

“You called our very important person ‘Joe.’ His name is Tony.”

The color drained from my face, starting with my roots, while a primal scream echoed into the night as I pealed out of the parking lot.

“How could I have done that?” I questioned all night long.

Well, all I could come up with was I’d been talking on my cell to friend Joni on my way into the studio, profusely thanking Joni for the flowers she’d sent on “Opening Night.”

Joni. Tony. “Joe.” Somehow, I see the “Lucy logic.” And even if Tony doesn’t, he’s been very gracious about my mistake.

Thankfully, I only have to keep a few names straight. Can you imagine if you had to keep track of a huge number of names?

If I understand my Bible correctly, that’s what the scriptures say God does with every person in the world — each very important to Him. In fact, besides knowing my name — and yours, too — it says He even knows the number of hairs on my head.

Well, my hair count is about to change.

“Ouch! “

Make it minus three gray ones.