Light Notes

Update: Book of James helps tame tongue

It was the perfect recipe; one developed by longtime pal Betty Crocker.

The yummy brownies would be perfect for the Cardiac Kids party, orchestrated by Cathy Manderbach.

The entire recipe required four ingredients. Definitely, it was my kind of gourmet dessert — fast, easy and one that left plenty stuck on the bowl and spoon.

Usually, I would have reveled licking the last remnant from the utensils. But my tongue was paying painful penance for being out of control. Just a few days earlier, I’d had extensive dental work done. My tongue — that was surely the size of a watermelon at the time — had been wagging.

I’d tuck it into my cheek after a gentle reminder to keep it quiet. But the unwieldy tongue had no fear of getting chewed out. So before I knew it, the silly thing was wagging again, poking into the dentist and hygienist’s business.

It was just a matter of time until my tongue ended up with an “owie.”

So, with husband, Bill, relishing the remains of the brownie dough, I headed to Cathedral of Joy with the chocolate-frosted brownies, prettily topped with red maraschino cherries.

Once in the door, I spotted Pastor Marty.

“Whaa shud I puduh thaze brownays?” I garbled.

“What?” she said, as she eyed me with concern.

“Duh brownays. Whaa duh dey go?” I mangled the words again.

By then a crowd was gathering, no doubt thinking this was the first of the entertainment line-up. In as few words as possible, I told what had happened and why I was choosing my words carefully.

Never one to miss an opportunity to teach a lesson, Pastor Marty queried, “Have you read James 3:1-12?”

Well, I had to admit to her that I hadn’t as yet done our Bible class homework she’d assigned. Pastor Marty seemed to understand, although she was a bit appalled at my drool.

“It’s about taming the tongue!” she laughed.

Straight away, I headed home to read the assignment. Sure enough, the verses talk about what can happen if I don’t control my tongue when it wants to wag. You know, gossip or criticism — spreading words that can spark trouble. The result is that someone always gets hurt, and the Bible says that includes me.

So, I’m going to make sure I tame my tongue. If I don’t, it certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

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