Light Notes

A heavenly reunion on set of In Steppe

The other night, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

When I walked into our KTNW-TV studio, there was the newly constructed set for our show In Steppe. It was lit in all its glory — beautiful golden tones with the light shining softly in all the right places.

The room had such a warm feeling — not just because the air conditioning wasn’t working at the moment — but because there were many old friends there working as crew. What a reunion!

Then, with the cameras almost ready to roll, the director wanted me on the set to iron out a few wrinkles — mostly mine — and he could do that with plenty of light on the host chair. So, as soon as I could tear myself away from the food table — too late to worry about extra pounds at that point — I stepped up on the platform and took a seat.

While the lighting specialists climbed into the overhead grids, tweaking lamps here and there, I busied myself removing broccoli and cookies from my front teeth — mostly cookie. With my nose freshly powdered and every hair in place, I relaxed while the ones up above created the lovely ambiance.

Honestly, I could have stayed there forever. It felt so good to relax in the glow. Sort of like a taste of heaven after a busy life all week.

Since that evening, I’ve thought about that “heavenly moment” and wondered: Could it be that someday when I’ve finished the “final take” and enter the Pearly Gates, there’ll be old friends to greet me, a special room designed especially for me, and plenty of golden tones, too?

That’s the preview I see in the Bible.

Right now, though, the picture is a bit out of focus, and it’s hard to imagine all that God has planned. But when my time comes I know, without a doubt, I’ll enjoy basking in The Light.