Light Notes

Don't forget, Matthew 18:20 worthy of sticky note

I’m a baby boomer, and it seems at times I forget things or lose my focus.

For instance, I forget names five seconds after they’re said; car keys go missing that are still in the trunk lock, and… uh, what was my topic for this blog?

Oh! Here it is on my sticky note that’s attached to my shoe. And there’s the other one stuck to my derriere.

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes, as I was saying, what I’m concerned about is keeping my mind on one thing. Here’s an example: The other day I rushed to the dentist from another appointment. There had only been a few minutes to grab a very late lunch at Espresso World, check my email, and then dash to the next place.

When I arrived at the dental office, Linda at the front desk offered to put my half-eaten lunch in the refrigerator.

“I’m afraid to do that,” I said with anxiety in my voice. “I’ll probably forget it.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” she smiled warmly. "We’ll have a sticky note right here at my desk. “

When she saw the furrow in my brow — actually a permanent fixture — she assumed that her assurance didn’t seem enough for me to let go of the lunch container clutched in my hands.

“How about if we give Sylvia a sticky note to remind you later when you pay for the visit? And just to make sure, we’ll give Bobbi, your dental hygienist, one, too."

OK, three sticky notes and three good minds. I could relax and not worry about mine.

Sure enough, at the end of the teeth cleaning, Bobbi reminded me to not forget my lunch. She also gave me a new toothbrush and floss with a hint to undo the impending mayhem soon to be wedged between my teeth.

A few moments later, both gals at the front desk handed me my chilled lunch as they chorused, “Don’t forget your lunch!”

And I didn’t, thanks to the fact that we had “pooled our brains,” aided by bright sticky notes.

Maybe that’s why I really like the verse in the Bible that says that when two or more people get together to pray, God is there. He must know what it takes to keep me — and probably a lot of other people — focused on the prayer at hand.

I think I’ll mark Matthew 18:20 with a sticky note. Actually, I’d better use two or three.