Light Notes

Fruit of the Spirit much better for you than donuts

This morning, I was feeling a bit sour — a little on the cranky side.

My feet have more mileage on them from three days at Walt Disney World than a ‘55 Chevy. So, when I padded into the condo kitchen with one eye half-open, I suddenly realized that Mickey Mouse was right. Dreams really do come true.

There on the breakfast table was a pink-and-white Dunkin’ Donuts box. As I lifted the lid, my heart stopped — not from all the fat grams inside, but from the most beautiful doughnuts I’ve ever laid eyes on. There sat 12 plump, warm, chocolate-glazed, melt-in-your-mouth maple, white stick-to-your-lips powdered doughnuts and sprinkles galore.

I’d gone to bed as a Mouseketeer and awakened in Fantasyland. Then, reality hit me like a tub of lard. The television show I’ll soon be hosting is less than three weeks away.

I’ve promised myself I’ll lose some weight before the taping date. And like Kathie Lee Gifford, who quips about being on television again, we’re ten pounds heavier and headed for high-def TV.

It’s not a pretty picture. Not only is there a clearer image, but also viewers can S-T-R-E-T-C-H your face to fill the screen. Mine’s already wide enough.

So, on that morning while these thoughts went in one mouse ear and out the other, my hand momentarily hovered over the tempting treats. Then, like a kamikaze pilot, I dived into the morass of calories. When I came to with frosting all over my lips, I’d consumed at least two or three, maybe more.

Now, on the flight home, I’ve been counting the days until the cameras roll — and there aren’t enough.

For heaven’s sake! Where was my self-control? Obviously, it’s been missing.

I’d better get into the Bible and reread the verses about self-control. As I recall, it’s one of "The fruit of The Spirit."

Hmmm… FRUIT. Sure sounds like a healthy lifestyle to me — one I ought to put into practice. And while I’m at it, maybe I’ll reach for a little more joy, love, and kindness as well. You can never have too much fruit.