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How to read coupons

PASCO — There are two types of coupons -- manufacturer coupons and store coupons.

Manufacturer coupons. Printed on the coupon it will state “manufacturer coupon” usually at the top. This coupon is valid anywhere the item is sold that accepts coupons. If a coupon states it’s a manufacturer coupon, but has a logo of a store, it is being suggested that you purchase the item at that store, but the coupon is valid at any store that accepts coupons.

Store coupons. Printed on the coupon it will state “store coupon” or “only good at” with no mention of “manufacturer”. This coupon is only valid at the retailer in which it states. This coupon can typically be used in combination with a manufacturer coupon on a single product. For example, purchase one tube of Colgate toothpaste at Target, use one manufacturer coupon for $1 off of one, and then use a Target store coupon for $.50 off of one, for a grand total savings of $1.50 off per tube of Colgate toothpaste at Target.

Coupon stacking. Using both a store and a manufacturer coupon together on a single product is called “coupon stacking.” Most every store allows this, but you need to verify by reading their coupon policy. Some coupons state you cannot use the coupon with any other offer. When you see this, it means you may not use two manufacturer coupons on a single product, nor can you use two store coupons on a single product. It does not mean you cannot use a store coupon and manufacturer coupon together.

Expiration date. Each coupon has an expiration date; make sure you check the date before you use it.

Details. Make sure to accurately read the description of which product the coupon is good towards. If a picture is shown, often times the coupon applies to more products then just the one pictured. If a coupon states “$1 off of two” you can use that single coupon only if you purchase two qualifying products.

Please check with your stores coupon policy before you plan a shopping trip. Store policies can usually be found on their websites or by calling the store.