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The stick!

Where oh where does the sticky stuff come from?

During my child-free years, I remember the notion of toddlers and immediately “sticky” came to mind. I assumed all kids were covered in and left a trail of sticky stuff. Once I had my son though I was confident that this was one of those myths. My kids would be clean! No stick in this house!

My kids indulge in candy on occasion, but not all the time. They get juice, but not all the time. They wash their hands.

Yet the stick is everywhere. It’s on the floor in the kitchen -- and you know how annoying that is when you step in it once, ensuring the probability that you will step in it another 20 times in 10 minutes nears 100 to one. It’s in the car seats. The other night it was on my pillow.

And my poor computer keyboard.

You don’t want to handle my TV remote.

Even the cat has been known to be sticky.

(I just made visiting my house sound ever so appealing, didn’t I?)