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Things I wonder while my kids watch TV…

Wouldn’t Dora’s mom be labeled a bad parent for allowing her to venture so far away from home? (Apply this to Diego, Little Einsteins, and many others as well.)

The little girl on Monsters, Inc., you know her as “Boo” – her parents must be worried sick! Disappeared out of her bedroom for what appears to be a few days. There’s a case that will never be solved… or someone will be arrested wrongfully…

Why did Nemo’s mommy have to die in the opening scene? Couldn’t the movie have been just as effective without that opening tear jerker that my son wants to watch over and over simply to see the baracuda?

How old are the members of the Scooby Doo gang anyway?

Aren’t more people stunned to see a monkey walking down the street by himself than there appears to be in Curious George? Is this a city thing? Nothing shocks city people?

And I am with Cookie Magazine on this one – why the hierarchy of animals on Arthur? Arthur’s family has a dog, but there are speaking characters who are dogs. Isn’t this something like slavery?

When did Annie get a microphone on Little Einsteins -- oh great, another marketing ploy!

Why can Rocket do certain things in one episode but not in others, “Oh no, Rocket needs to fly through this maze!” Or he could just pop up a few feet in the atmosphere and skip the whole maze all together! It would be a whole lot safer for everyone involved.

We are just now getting to the Princess stage. You are sure to hear a lot more on this topic in the future.