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Being a tourist

I spent last weekend entertaining my best friend from high school on her first trip to the Tri-Cities.

There was much chatting, wine sipping and cooking going on.

When my husband and I lived in Reno, we always enjoyed when people visited since that was the only time we gambled.

Similarly here. With two little kids, we don’t routinely get to the local wineries for event weekends. In fact, that’s when we tend to avoid them now due to the crowds.

I took the opportunity to fully embrace the tourist aspects of the area this weekend with my friend. We ran over to Walla Walla and walked around downtown, ate some fabulous slices at Sweet Basil pizzeria and then we tasted wine during the "Leonetti Weekend."

We enjoyed dinner at Anthony’s — since Pacific Northwest seafood is always a must do for someone from Colorado. And my arm can always be twisted to go to Anthony’s. Their rhubarb-theme items were perfect.

I was however, forced out of my box when I realized that halibut cheeks are no longer a dinner item. I settled for the char-grilled halibut instead.

The day before she left, I sent the kids to daycare/preschool while we made lefse and then ended the day at Bookwalter sipping wine and eating olives and cheese.

I recommend becoming a tourist for a day in our region. We didn’t get to everything on my list of things to do — the weather was crummy for the planned hike up Badger Mountain, a trip to Prosser for wine tasting and proposed daytrips to other regions.

Well, there just weren’t enough days. Being a tourist for a few days reminded me of all the wonderful things the Tri-Cities has to offer.