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The funniest things in the world

At least according to my kids.

-- The cage full of mice at Petco. My 2-year old daughter will stand there giggling and squealing at them as long as I let her. In the case of the other day, this was as long as it took me to figure out how to register my dog for obedience classes — thank you Petco for the strategic mouse placement. Let’s just not advertise anytime soon what those mice are used for.

-- That large green Gumby-like tube attached to an air compressor outside of Keene Fitness. It was a sad week with lots of questions when the weather turned a few weeks ago and he was missing for awhile. My son even suggested I phone there and find out if he ran away.

-- The Napa Auto Parts cars… you know the ones with the hats? Now THOSE are the funniest ever. At least according to my 4.5 year old.

-- Doggie “droppings.” Yep, when we are out for a walk and happen upon doggie messes not picked up it causes quite an uproar and may be a good amount of time before we can move on. Nope, I never found them that funny either. They must get this from their dad?

-- Putting things on the pets. OK, so this one they may get from me. My sister and I tormented all of our animals when we were kids by stuffing them in doll clothes and taping paper things to them. My daughter found a great amount of joy in putting sunglasses on our dog this past weekend. OK — it WAS pretty funny!

-- Another animal related one… dogs who hang their heads out the window. Yes, I agree, some are pretty funny. We have dogs, but ours tend to cower in fear inside the car instead of relishing the breeze.

What do your kids find to be the funniest things ever?