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Something I may never be able to live without again

Ever run across an item that you never had before, but once you have it you may never be able to live without it again?

I have a new one.

We have a hot water tap in our new kitchen.

You know the same type of thing that some office buildings have that make it easy to go make your afternoon tea.

At first I thought it was kind of novel, probably something I would forget I even had after a few days. Then the experimentation began.

My mornings go a lot faster when I don’t have to microwave water for the kids’ instant oatmeal…

Not to mention making Top Ramen. I don’t eat the stuff thanks to overdose in college, but my kids think it is the best creation ever.

Of course, the requisite afternoon tea — my tea pot hasn’t seen use since moving into the new house.

And I will end with three words to leave you with…

French-press coffee (in four minutes flat).

If you are building a house, install this. You will not regret it.

Anyone else have any new obsessions? And what else can I use my hot water tap for?