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Something I never expected to hear

I think one of the important things children learn growing up as siblings (aside from torture tactics) is how to work out problems with each other.

As my kids get to the age where they are able to communicate with each other I have been encouraging them to argue it out — to a certain degree. No hitting or getting physical with each other. But when my daughter does something that my son doesn’t like, don’t come running to me. Instead, tell her and try to work it out yourselves.

My daughter is in that typical 2-year-old phase where she is testing out physical responses. And I find myself repeatedly telling my son, “Tell her you don’t like to be hit!”

I was happy the other day when I heard my son pipe up to his sister, “Don’t do that!”

Even happier when I heard him say, “I have asked you now not to…”

Though I was a little shocked to hear when he continued, “Lick my eyeball! Please don’t lick my eyeball!”

I was halfway successful in smothering my giggles as I went over to back him up in his request.