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Finally, a holiday!

The period between January to Easter is a very difficult time for my son.

We go from having some fun holiday and seeing long distance family every month or so, to nothing. I kind of get that funk too in early January when we stare down nearly five months without an official holiday.

There's the minor holidays, the ones that we don’t get days off for, like Valentine's Day. But to a little boy, Valentine's Day isn't overly interesting. For my son, it is a source of chocolate and that’s about it. In our house, as spring is starting to show signs, the talk is ALL about Halloween.

My son is a huge fan of Halloween.

Exhibit A. Every Tuesday is "movie day" at school and the kids can each bring in a movie to be voted on by the class to watch.

Every Tuesday for the last few months my son has brought in "Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie".

The class has watched it zero times. Still he is determined and not deterred in his goal to make Halloween a year round event.

Exhibit B. He has decided this year that not only will he have a birthday party, but also somewhere he got wind of a costume party and has decided that everyone should wear a costume to his birthday party.

I refuse to do this to the other parents. Yeah, not only do you need to go out and buy a present, make time in your weekend for a birthday party and get your child there, hang out and then leave with a child hyped up on sugar? But yeah, also, put them in a costume.

Umm no.

Not a day goes by that Halloween isn't mentioned. Including the drive home the other night.

My son: "How many days till Halloween now?"

Me: "Oh about 7 months to the day."

My son: "How about 7 days instead."

Me: "Nope, months. About 210 days." (I thought about reminding him that his birthday comes first, but then we would have gotten back onto the subject of costume birthday parties — a notion I am trying to squash.)

My son: "Hmm."

Me: "But Easter is in 12 days!"

My son: "How about 2 days."

Me: "Nope, 12 days."

My son: "How about 10 days?" (He is learning the fine art of negotiation thanks to dinner time.)

Me: "Everyone celebrates Easter on the same day." (Yes, I know Eastern religions are a week later, but I wasn't going there.)

My son: "Who says?"

Me: (I paused…) "God says."

(Silence from the back seat.)

My son: "So the bunny belongs to God! I finally figured it out!"