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The best meal of 2008?

My husband and I always proclaim ourselves to be foodies … then little things happen that make us question our self-imposed label. The other night in one of my foodie magazines, the question was posed, "What was the best meal you ate in 2008?"

And we sat there.

Looking at each other.


Did we even eat out in 2008?

Sure we did, we argued. Remember our daughter had a meltdown at that one restaurant? And I think we went out for our anniversary at Anthony's, that's always good. And remember when our son slipped and fell and bonked his head at that other restaurant? And remember my really bad lamb dish I sent back twice at that other place?

Memorable meals, but not the thing that "best meals" are made of.

Certainly Anthony's is in the running because it is good, solid quality. But I have a hard time sticking it in my best-meal category because it is always our "go to" for a nice meal. The best meal of the year should be something different that rocks your world, shouldn't it?

And truth be told, I eat the exact same thing there every single time I go to Anthony's. I am like that. I find something I love and I cling to it. (Halibut cheeks in this case - though I usually ask that the mango sauce be replaced by whatever seasonal sauce they have going.)

And I annoy my husband with this - he is one of those "try-a-new-thing-every-time" people. And on occasion, he picks out something that is less than stellar and then he picks at my tried and true.

Our best meal of 2008 can't possibly be something we cooked, can it?

So tell me what your best meal was in 2008?