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Moving Day is nearing

Back around the first of the year, my husband and I found a house to buy. We started house hunting at the end of the year and after seeing nearly every single house in the areas we were interested in living in, within our price range and with the required number of bedrooms, we finally happened upon one that we decided would work for us. Not only would it work, but we also fell in love with it. And it is good that it was love.

I think we tend to be terribly picky people. We were adamant that we needed four bedrooms. Four completely devoted bedrooms. As transplants to the area, like many others out there, it is just impossible not to have a guest room. We figured this out when we moved our daughter to our third bedroom, thus eliminating the guest room.

In addition to the four bedrooms we needed a play room area since using the supposed formal dining room in our current house wasn't flying with me. On top of that we need an office/den. Then comes the fenced yard since we have children and a dog (soon to be two dogs thanks to a successful adoption). Oh and my husband wanted a home with a view. There were other things on the list… a pantry – a real pantry with a door and that my entire body could fit into, and a three car garage to name a few.

There were days I wondered if we were being too picky, if we shouldn't compromise some. There were days I wondered if we shouldn't just build despite the fact that neither of us has time to spare. And there were days I thought maybe we should just scrap the whole moving bit and just stay in our much too small for our preferences house.

Then we found the house. It was exactly what we wanted, but we did compromise on one thing – the view.

When we started down this road with our super real estate agents (Kevin and Terese Hill at Remax) they warned us that every transaction has an issue. Every single one.

When I heard this I told myself that OUR transaction would not. It would go smoothly and we would look back on the process and smile and be "that one transaction that sailed along easily".

Suffice it to say that ours was not that transaction. And the fact that it is mid-March and we haven't yet closed probably is indicative of the fact that our issue wasn't just a wee little one. It was a big one. But we are nearly worked through it and seeing an end in sight.

I blame myself for vowing no issues on our transaction.

Now we just get to look forward to finishing up packing and somehow getting all of our accumulated stuff from point A to point B.

I remember moving into this house that was once a series of empty rooms – when we were fully moved in. Not anymore.