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Recipe time

So I probably knew that my recipe posting wouldn’t really be weekly, but maybe monthly would have been more appropriate? Or every other month?

Anyways, give this recipe a shot on a weekend — Barefoot Contessa’s Company Pot Roast.

If you are anything like me, your pot roast (on the rare occasion you get around to making one) always tastes the same. Kinda blah. This pot roast, however, requires a little more work (this is why you make it on the weekend) and is amazing. My kids even ate it.

When you make it buy the biggest roast so that you have leftovers for a weeknight. Package up your leftover roast with the amazing sauce and serve over noodles during the week. Easy dinner.

A few notes on the prep — some of the reviews declared it too salty. I use kosher salt and didn’t notice the saltiness — and my kids would have told me if it was too salty. If you use regular table salt, then I recommend cutting the salt at least in half.

Also you don’t need a Dutch oven. I used a large oven-safe skillet with high sides and a lid.

And now a Dutch oven is on my wish list...