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Interview: Take 2

Me: “So you are going to ask me questions, right?”

Son: “Yep.”

Me: “So ask me.”

Son: “I don’t know what to ask you!”

Me: “Ask me about when I was a little girl.”

Son: “You are silly. You weren’t a little girl.”

Me: “I wasn’t? What was I then?”

Son: “A boy.”

Me: “Nope, I wasn’t a boy when I was little. I was a girl.”

Son: “You’re a silly berry head.” (Again, thank you Grandpa.)

Me: “So ask me a question, silly berry head.”

Son: “If you went too fast, would a policeman come and chase us and catch us and yell at you?”

Me: “No. He would very calmly tell me to not go too fast. They are nice.”

Son: “You won’t go too fast then, right?”

Me: “I will try very hard.” (Making mental note to myself -- it might traumatize my son if we were pulled over… or it would just be what he would talk about to everyone for the next three months, that might be worse .)

Son: “Can I have a costume party birthday party at Coach's house for my birthday?”

Me: “I thought you were asking me questions about me?”

Son: “OK, do you want to have your birthday party at Coach's house?”

Me: “Not really. We will save that fun for you.”

Son: “But don’t you want to invite all your friends to run around and jump and swing and do the zip line.”

Me: “Umm not really.” (Chuckling at the image.)

Son: “Can I have soup for dinner?” (Soup = Top Ramen and yes, I know it is high in sodium and fat, but my kids love it. However, after going through college on a college students budget, I can no longer stomach it.)

Me: “You had soup for breakfast. Let’s have something else.”

Son: “You’re a silly berry head.”

Me: “Are we done with my questions?”

Son: “Almost.”

Me: “You have more?”

Son: “How old are you?”

Me: “How old do you think I am?”

Son: “Six.”

Me: “I am a bit older than six.”

Son: “Are you seven?”

Me: “A bit older than that.”

Son: “Mommy! You aren’t THAT old!”

Me: “Yep I am way older than you.”

Son: “Like 10?”

Me: “I was a little girl still when I was 10.”

Son: “You weren’t a little girl. You were a boy when you were little.”

Me: “No I wasn’t.”

Son: “Yes, you were. You are a silly berry head.”