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One plus one is two, or is it?

I have a few friends and coworkers who are expecting right now.

Many of them are facing that transition going from one child to two. A co-worker this morning in a meeting said she is tired of everyone telling her "Hh, you are in for TWICE the work!"

I didn't divulge to her that it is actually three times the work for two children -- addressing one child's needs, second child's needs and then moderating their interactions with each other.

OK, so maybe it is two and a half times more work.

Instead, I told her the honest truth. "But it's three times the fun."

One child is fun, second child is as much fun and seeing them love each other is more than just the icing on the cake -- it's the third layer AND the icing on the cake.

My kids are at that fun age where they interact well with each other… at least some of the time. They fight over what to watch on the TV -- my son can't believe that his sister has no interest in Transformers and my daughter could watch Elmo till the cows come home and I can't exactly blame my son for his lack of desire to watch Elmo one.more.time.

We have discovered a middle ground here though -- Dora can sometimes pull off a small miracle with regards to TV in my home.

There are those periods where I can hear my teeth gritting together as I say, "Your sister had it first" or "Do not hit your brother. Say you are sorry."

And then there are those days when my heart grows three sizes, such as during drop off and pick up at daycare/preschool when my kids hug and kiss each other before departing into their respective rooms.