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My son is a little obsessed with his uncle -- my husband’s youngest brother.

Little AB is presently into making up some fantastic tales. And if it is anything with an element of danger or a bit grand in scale that he might not want to do by himself (such as hunting for rhinos) -- it is usually something Uncle Scott has done and often "all the time."

Lately, he has come up with lots of things that he and his uncle are planning on doing together -- Uncle is a tad in the dark here.

"Uncle and I are going to go hunt for rhinos and we will go carefully and quietly..."

"Uncle and I are going to go to Antarctica to save baby penguins, and that is very dangerous and so it has to be Uncle going with me..."

"Uncle caught the biggest fish when we were in Alaska..." (AB would like to note that his brother in no way caught the biggest fish in Alaska.)

Then, there was the one tonight.

"Uncle and I are going to go to Antarctica," he started.

AB interrupts him, "Why is it always Uncle, why not Daddy?"

"Because Uncle has a gun, and you don't," he tells us. (I am so not happy with the gun-obsession thing, but it seems to plague many little boys.)

"Uncle does NOT have a gun," AB says.

"Yes he does, he has a caulking gun!" my son exclaimed.

(Yes, there have been some recent home fix-ups.)