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Moving day is nearing

Before my daughter was born nearly two years ago, we knew that a new house was in our future.

We have a great house, but we bought it as DINKS and while we thought it would be a great family house at the time, we have found less need for a formal dining room and more need for a bonus room.

Not to mention that none of our family lives near here and so a guest bedroom is a must. Then there is my lamenting about needing a pantry. A real pantry. Not just an open the door to shelves thing.

After a month or so of house hunting and one rejected offer (that still burns in my husband’s heart -- he loved that house) we have an offer accepted and are moving rapidly towards our end goal -- a new house with more room.

When I was four years old, shortly after my sister’s birth, my parents bought a house. My mom remembers my hurrying to the bedrooms only to be disappointed at the lack of toys. All the toys that I had seen during our visits were gone.

During our house hunting stints my son (when we brought him along) tended to fall in love with certain houses… the ones with toys in them. Maybe lucky for us that the house we picked was empty. Maybe he won’t have the disappointment?

We have started talking to him about moving. How we will pack up all of our stuff and take it to the new house. He is a touch concerned that we won’t bring the water guns. I have done my best to reassure him that his favorite rocket shooter, his water guns and his Legos will all be coming along.

My son has requested a “Star Wars” bedroom and I am happy to comply with this -- and am holding my breath that he doesn’t change his mind to Transformers or some annoying cartoon character. (Any ideas on a Star Wars designed bedroom?) My good friend suggested putting wrapped toys in each of the kids rooms once we have keys so that they might be more excited -- this is on the agenda.

Of course, our timing couldn’t be more difficult with our daughter. She is at that stage where she really wants to give up her crib and have a big kid bed like her brother. However, I am really trying to keep her in the crib for the next couple months until we are settled and can make an easier transition from crib to bed.

For those of you who have been there done that with regards to a new house with little ones, what are your nuggets of advice?