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My daughter is a stasher. She finds treasures and stashes them in odd places.

About four months ago, we started having little things disappear.

First was a pair of my husband’s sunglasses. This one didn’t raise much of an alarm despite his insistence that he KNEW he placed them either here or there and now they weren’t anywhere. If his wallet isn’t missing, his sunglasses are. (By the way, no one out there has found my husband’s wallet have you? E-mail me if you have.)

So the sunglasses went missing. Then, the incident that I found really irritating was the thermometer -- my favorite little electrical thermometer. I had JUST used it on my daughter and then spent nearly an hour looking for it later to see that her fever had gone down. Thermometer gone and my husband actually went to the grocery store to get another because I can’t possibly trust my hand in fever sensing. I can be a touch neurotic and need to know to the 10th of a degree.

It wasn’t until weeks later when I picked up the push-sit-on-car-thingy that my kids adore despite it being too young for both of them now. A few things rattled in the secret hiding place in the seat. I flipped it open and sure enough, there was the long lost thermometer and two pairs of sunglasses and assorted things -- a few spoons and a roll of tape.

Since that point, when we lose something, we immediately look to our daughter and head to her couple of stash places.

And no, the missing wallet is not there.