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The "misses" of Christmas

Every gift is supposed to be perfect, right?

Or so we all hope. But some miss the mark for any variety of reasons.

This year's misses…

A watch for my 4 1/2 year old: Little boys are just rough. I went with both a digital and clock with hands. Truth be told, I found the digital one after the one with hands, and it was a little more perfect for my son than the prior one. Now is where I admit that I should have paid attention to how identical my son is to my husband and how my husband cannot wear or keep a watch.

A Baby Einstein video: Not a bad gift, except that those of us with more than one kid have most every single one of them at this point. Where this one was a miss was not in that we already had it (though we do, but we don’t expect anyone to know that) it was in that it was for my 4.5 year old. Even the most well meaning gifts from family sometimes miss the mark.

"School" supplies: Yes, I know. My kids play with the stuff at school 40 hours a week. They don’t want to play with it when they get home. That stack of stuff has gone unused.

Buckets of food: Play food. OK, truth be told it is a HUGE hit with my daughter. She got a play kitchen for Christmas, and so when my mother-in-law asked what might be a good gift for her, my mind immediately went to things to accompany the kitchen. However, my daughter’s favorite thing to do with the play food is to hold the bucket up above her head and dump it. Dump it everywhere. Pick-up night ends up being a good part of "collect the fake food from around the house."

So that’s about it. What gifts were misses in your house?