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Something I need to remedy

Something amazing happened over Christmas break this year.

I finished a book! A real novel.

I have always loved reading, but my time seems so short lately, coupled with the fact that when I do have time to read I feel like I should be reading something for work. (See if I say this, I look good at work!)

I started this book (Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides) on vacation in July. I am not a fast reader, but before I had two children running around my feet, I was able to read a book a month and actually keep up with my book club.

Lately, I am a member of my book club in name only. A name on an e-mail. Though I do intend to try and make it for our annual book turned movie gathering in January. I think I can do a movie.

I love having books in hand. I have pack rat tendencies, but books are my real downfall. My husband and I have been purging our house lately, moving stuff to a storage unit in preparation for the possibility of moving, and I am surprised by the number of books that I say to him, “can’t pack this one up, I haven’t read it”.

Back to my book. I really enjoyed Middlesex. I need to make more time for pleasure reading in my life -- maybe this should be my goal for the coming year?

Please add to my list -- what are some more must reads?