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Statistics on believing in Santa

I read a statistic recently that cited something like 17 percent of parents get annoyed with their children’s gratitude towards Santa as opposed to themselves for supplying the goods on Christmas.

Statistically speaking then, 17 percent of the readers out there are nodding their heads in agreement and will probably balk at my next statement:


Isn’t this just counter-intuitive to the whole notion and embodiment of Santa that represents the spirit of giving and generosity?

When I was about 8 years old, my best friend told me, “Make sure you don’t say anything to Danny [her brother] about the whole Santa thing.”

“What Santa thing?” I asked her.

“That Santa isn’t real,” she said flippantly.

I choked back my tears and suddenly needed to go home.

I look at my son who will be five years old before I know it and will soon be hearing similar things from his friends.

I have plenty of years to get my “Thank you, Mom” responses.

For now, for the few short years I have left, the magic is his to relish.