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When AB and I moved to the area, we had always been apartment dwellers. We were so looking forward to our own house and quickly after moving here we were in our own home.

I remember how we used to joke about “hiking” over to the west wing to do the laundry and about having a whole wing of the house that we never used. (My kids' bedrooms comprise that wing now.) Our house had little furniture, and we wondered how long it would take us to fill up the immense space we now called our own.

Six and a half years and two children later answers that question.

We are bursting at the seams in our three-bedroom house, and I laugh when I glance at the pictures of our rooms pre-kids and pre-furniture.

Buying a new home seems like such a scary and daunting task. Committing to jumping to that next level of home isn’t something to take lightly when we have become quite accustomed our current mortgage payment. Couple that with fears of the economy. Not to mention the mere thought of trying to keep our house picked up and organized while listed makes me very nearly bail on the whole idea of buying a new house.

Decorating for Christmas may have nearly fully caused me to abandon my fears though. Next year, I plan to be decorating a new house for the holidays.