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Spilling of the beans

I was so sure that 48 hours after taking my son “shopping” for Christmas presents that he would forget and we would be out of the woods with respect to him spilling the beans.

The last thing I expected was to hit the two-week point and then nearly completely out of the blue have him announce to Daddy what he bought him.

My perfect gift that would surely have my husband so thoroughly amazed with our ingenuity was completely ruined in a matter of about five seconds last night.

When I was a kid, I thought it was terribly funny that my very young cousin was told random objects for presents after both divulging gifts and giving obvious hints (“It goes 'tick tock tick tock' Daddy”). The classic one was when she told her big sister (who was about 9-years old at the time) that she was getting a washing machine for Christmas.

I am thinking this method has quite a bit of merit!