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Tip No. 3: Grocery shopping

One thing I started doing about a year ago in an attempt to minimize the things we had to get done on the weekend was to start grocery shopping at lunch.

Once a week, I spend my lunch hour cruising the aisles of the store nearby my work. I tackle the store with a list in hand and grab lunch, eating on the run.

This isn’t the huge time-saving secret that I had initially thought it was, although recently I noticed coworkers doing the same thing.

At first, it took me a full hour to get groceries, and I stressed about the time I was spending. Now, I can get it all done and loaded into my car in about 40 minutes.

If you try this, don’t forget the cooler and to buy a bag of ice for the cooler while you shop since salmonella poisoning would be a really unpleasant thing to endure.

Truly though – I never thought I would proclaim the luxury of getting groceries without kids. No begging or whining for treats. No one wanting in or out of the cart or tossing random items in the cart . (I never did get that facial powder tinted for someone with much darker skin than I returned.)

But the biggest reward is the extra hour of time that I do get to spend with my kids doing something FUN on the weekend -- instead of grocery shopping.

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