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The last non-Wii family left?

Much to my son’s disappointment, we have not yet taken the plunge into the Land of Wii.

Since he is just over four years old, he really isn’t old enough. Or that’s the excuse we keep telling ourselves.

That was up until nearly all of our close friends have jumped on board (literally) and are routinely ski jumping in their living rooms.

My son hasn’t quite learned the art of subtle hinting.

He was watching a show in passing the other day and squealed with delight, “Mommy, they said THAT game that I want is available on Wii!”

“But we don’t have a Wii,” I reminded him.

He looked at me blankly.

Then the other day he came running out to watch the new favorite TV show -- Scooby Doo. In his hand he carried a squirt gun.

“What’s the squirt gun for Sweetie?” I asked him.

“I am going to play Scooby Doo Wii,” he tells me as he situates himself on the couch and points the squirter at the TV.

Maybe Santa will grace us with a Wii this year.