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My husband last week found a praying mantis outside.

Given that it has been getting colder and certainly the end was near for this giant insect, he brought it in and made a home in a large jar.

He and my son headed to the pet store and bought a bag of crickets and we “enjoyed” watching the praying mantis tear the helpless crickets to pieces daily.

The other day, we came home to find the albeit flimsy lid off of the jar. I had immediate thoughts of a praying mantis walking on me as I slept. Or worse yet, finding it sitting on my daughter as she slept. I had to find it.

The thought left my brain as soon as I saw the pieces. The remnants of our praying mantis were there in the middle of the floor with my cat looking freakishly satisfied sitting next to it.

The puzzle pieces are starting to fit together regarding our missing plecostomas. And here I was starting to believe that he really did go visit his fishy friends!