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Time is not on my side

My husband got up the other day and asked me with bleary eyes, “Have you noticed that our son has gotten up an hour early for the last week?”

How could I not notice?

We have a problem.

Actually, it isn’t so much of a problem during the evenings when he falls asleep in bed about 45 minutes earlier than normal. I am relishing both kids being in bed and asleep at just after 8 p.m. The problem comes the following morning when there is a little figure standing next to the bed requesting Scooby Doo nearly an hour earlier than normal.

The problem isn’t just a fluke, it really stems from…

You guessed it, return to standard time.

Nearly a week later, and my son’s internal clock has budged a mere 15 minutes in the right direction. Otherwise, he seems to just be maintaining his own time because getting up early and going to bed early really has no effect on us making it to school on time. Nor is he forced into bed to lay for an hour waiting for the sandman to arrive.

I said it last year and was surprised by the number of people who responded likewise. Can’t we just pick a time and stick with it year round?