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Post-candy coma?

I hope everyone has recovered from Halloween.

For us, this was the second year that my son really “got” trick or treating. He had been looking forward to it for weeks and asked most every night if he could go trick or treating.

Even now, a week after Halloween, he is still asking about trick or treating. We went out for a walk this evening (in the dark) after dinner and he was certain that we should walk up to random houses and trick or treat. Surely, he could add to our already tremendous pile of candy?

And truth be told, if everyone else’s candy stash looks like ours, then I am guessing there wouldn’t be too many houses out there who would have turned him away. If kids showed up at my house this evening wishing for candy, then they would have more than they could probably carry. All of this would have to be done with my son absent, of course.

My youngest, now 19 months, wasn’t so much into the trick or treating. She followed her brother dutifully behind. She kept him from racing from house to house in his quest for candy since we told him that he (Obi Wan Kenobi) had to have his sidekick (Yoda) with him when doorbell ringing commenced.

I have, at this point, hidden all the Halloween books. Well, they aren’t hidden too far, just on one end of my son’s bookshelf. He would actually have to look for them instead of just grabbing randomly.

I have some hope of switching gears in the next week or so to Thanksgiving.