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Stop the madness, I mean the pink

I have a baby girl. OK, she is more of a toddler girl.

When she was born 19 months ago, I looked forward to pink. Sort of.

I have a little bit of disdain for pink stemming mostly from the fact that I am a redhead. Pink and redheads with my skin tone just don't mix. I have seen a few redheads out there who can successfully pull off pink, but I am not one of them. My daughter seems to be OK with dark pinks, nothing pale and nothing that says "carnation" though.

Anyway, I looked forward to dressing a little girl since the day she was born. I had a little pink in reserve for when she was born, but apparently that was all I needed to get it out of my system. By and large, I have gravitated towards purples, greens, browns and blues in dressing her.

Then, I started my search for an appropriate winter coat.

There appears to be an assumption out there that every little girl’s winter coat should be pink. I have located a sprinkling of brown ones, but as my husband put it, "If you are going to buy a brown coat, why don't we just use our son's size 2T yellow coat AND matching snow pants for her -- it doesn't get THAT cold here anyway."

What fun is that?

OK, so it is practical and as usual, he is probably right. How many days exactly will she be wearing a heavy winter coat?