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I keep reading that fibbing is a natural experiment by kids in my son’s age group.

Still, I was happy recently to see a little maturity with regard to fibbing.

Lately, the things he picks to fib about are things that could actually have happened as opposed to “a monster came in the door and threw those clean clothes on the floor and then ran out!”

Take, for example, tooth brushing.

Me: “Go and get your toothbrush ready, and I will be in to brush your teeth in a few minutes.”

Little AB: “Mommy I already brushed my teeth.”

This isn’t completely unreasonable -- though I do insist on brushing his teeth, he does occasionally give it a go himself. However, quick inspection of his toothbrush -- his DRY toothbrush -- is usually a good indication that no tooth brushing has actually taken place.

I fear the next stage. That stage where the intellectual capacity increases enough so that there is actual thought put into the fibs.