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No pictures

Last year, I was lucky enough to get a digital SLR for Christmas.

What this really means is that I can hold the shutter button of my camera down and take three pictures as my son jumps off any random object before he hits the ground as opposed to maybe getting one blurry mid-flight picture after a few attempts at timing.

This also means that my photo storage is reaching the extreme since I can never seem to find the time to actually hit "delete." It seems to be more worth my time to just buy more memory for the computer.

My kids are growing up in front of my camera, and I love it. To go along with my new camera, my husband also bought me the program Photoshop. Now, I just need to spend some time learning how to use it.

My daughter had "class and individual photos" this past week and really gave her teacher a run with her insistence that she NOT be photographed. Her teacher phoned me to tell me the first day that the pictures were a "no go." All she wanted to do was cry. They even went and retrieved my son out of his class to try and make her laugh, to no avail. She was not having anything to do with photos.

The second day was nearly the same result, though they finally got a picture of her "looking serious" and one of her "looking serious" with my son (smiling, of course).

I actually wasn't horribly worried about her photos as I had chased her around with the camera the previous weekend in Idaho and ended up with some fantastic photos. I point my camera at her and immediately elicit a grin from ear to ear.

Compare this with my son. Report was that his professional photos turned out fabulous, which leaves me perplexed. I cannot figure out for the life of me why when I was searching my hard drive for decent pictures of the kids from the recent past I found only two.

Lately, when I point the camera at him, he frowns and insists, "No pictures, Mommy," runs from me or makes awful faces. If I want a photo of him, then I have to surprise him. And if I get one, then he insists on coming over and seeing it.

I need one of those huge lenses whereby I can sit way off in the distance and get pictures of him as if I am sitting three feet away. Hmmm...