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The latest from PETA

I always try to be open minded. I really, really do.

I am pro-breastfeeding and happily had very few problems nursing both my kids for a year. (And in the case of my daughter who could not be weaned no matter what -- well over a year.)

I pumped at work with support (moral that is) from my employer.

However, I just can't seem to get past this whole request from PETA to Ben and Jerry's that they give the cows a break and turn their efforts towards making human milk ice cream.

I polled my friends out of curiosity. Am I the only one out there that says "Yay for breast milk for babies, but let's draw the line there"?

I got an emphatic "No," along with a few exclamations of "Now that's just gross!" and "Nasty!"

And in my opinion, if one is lucky enough to lactate beyond what the baby needs, donate it to a bank designated for human milk to aid premature babies. (Put this on my list of another thing that the Tri-Cities needs. I looked into donating milk once my kids needs were met and was told I could FedEx it to Denver -- the same hospital my sister-in-law drove to once a week to donate her spare milk to help premature babies.)

I can't imagine that this recent endeavor is earning PETA much, other than the source of laughs and bad jokes about packaging and marketing human milk ice cream.

Particularly in this area following the whole "pigeon fiasco."