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Just what the Tri-Cities needs

So until the Tri-Cities comes together and builds an aquatic complex, we have to get our water fun somewhere else.

This past weekend, we packed the kids and the dog up and headed to Kellogg, Idaho, to go to Silver Mountain -- the new indoor water complex.

Let me just say that there is nothing better than seeing smiles plastered on your kids faces for hours on end.

They had a small pool with an easy slide for my daughter’s age group (toddlers). In addition, she was able to wander around and use much of the rest of the equipment as long as we paid close attention to ringing bells (indicating the impending massive dump of water that would have knocked her flat.)

The majority of the rest of the park was really targeted at my son’s age group and up. I won’t make any claims about not being a "helicopter mom," but I was shocked that by our third day there he knew the lay of the land and ran pretty much free on Miner’s Island while we sat below and watched. He hooked up with other boys his age and made laps up and down the slides.

And when else do I really get to act like a kid? Well, not enough lately as far as I am concerned. I took in a few slide laps with him, and we hit the big Moose Sluice ride together. The first time down I resumed breathing once we reached the bottom and looked at my son expecting tears. He looked back at me and asked if we could hike the four stories of stairs and do it again.

The other nice thing about the place is the on-site restaurants. The pizza was fantastic. We were however, disappointed that the gondola wasn’t running.

We had enough fun that my husband even declared he would consider going back and paying full price (we enjoyed their end-of-the-summer special). You would probably need to know my husband to understand what a ringing endorsement that statement is!