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Parading it

My husband and I have hopes of a new house sometime in the near future.

We bought our house six years ago at the height of the housing boom. Our house used to feel so large, so spacious. But we have found that we are growing out of it way too rapidly!

So like many other people the past two weekends, we ventured out for the Parade of Homes to not only get ideas on what houses like ours might be selling for, but also to shop for what we would like, and of course, get decorating ideas.

My kids weren’t so thrilled with this venture.

For as many days as we could reasonably stand, we hauled them from house to house. The first Saturday one of us carried our daughter into all the houses, while the other kept a firm grip on our son’s hand. By the second day, my daughter had the routine down and despite still being carried through the homes, insisted on removing her shoes along with everyone else. It was her favorite part.

My son’s favorite part was the house with the home theater playing Happy Feet. We had to drag him out.

The last day we broke down and hired a sitter knowing we still had nine houses to tackle if we wanted the coveted status of seeing all the homes. It was the first year we attempted this feat and we finished by Sunday at about 4 p.m.

Tackling Parade of Homes with kids was tough. We tried to limit it to four or five (OK, six on one day) houses near to each other and provided lots of fruit snack incentives for good behavior.

It worked! We survived.

Who else attended Parade of Homes? Or were you smart and opted for the Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco for a much more fun child-oriented activity?